1994 – 2024

CATS Business Center Monaco celebrates
30 years of excellence in the Principality

In 1994, a visionary, Odile Quéré, founded CATS Business Center Monaco with a clear objective: to provide the highest quality workspaces and state-of-the-art services to companies operating in, or wishing to set up in, the Principality of Monaco. Odile Quéré has been a pioneer in this market since the 1990s, bearing witness to the significant changes that have shaped the sector over the years.

At a time when the Monegasque authorities favored mostly exclusive office space, she anticipated the changing needs for professional flexibility. Today, shared workspaces account for 20% of Monaco’s economic business, and CATS Business Center has contributed to this progress.

Odile Quéré, fondatrice de CATS Monaco

Create a work environment conducive to personal fulfillment and success.

In the year 2024, CATS Business Center proudly celebrates three decades of continuous commitment to the economic development of its customers.

As President and Founder, Odile Quéré has embodied this commitment from day one. Her determination to support her customers’ success and improve their quality of life at work is the cornerstone of CATS Business Center. Her passion for the well-being and professional development of her customers and employees has shaped the philosophy of CATS centers: Work & Care; creating a working environment conducive to fulfillment and success.

An active and decisive role as President of the Chambre Patronale Monégasque des Centres d’Affaires.

Over the years, CATS Business Centers have evolved to meet the changing needs of Monaco’s economic environment. Odile Quéré plays an active and decisive role as President of the Chambre Patronale Monégasque des Centres d’Affaires (CPMCA), where she is confronted with the daily challenges of entrepreneurship. Her mission is to offer innovative solutions and top-of-the-range services to meet today’s challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Odile Quéré’s career has been marked by a human-centered vision, characterized by self-esteem, respect for others and kindness. These values are deeply rooted in the culture of CATS Business Centers, where every customer is welcomed with the utmost consideration, and where mutually enriching relationships and professional encounters are encouraged.

Workspace, living space, sharing and exchange.

The quality of CATS Business Centers is internationally recognized. They embody the highest standards of quality and professionalism. These distinguish them in Monaco’s business landscape. The unique approach of Odile Quéré and her teams, centered on goodwill, professionalism and human relations, has contributed to the continued growth and success of CATS centers.

The past is our inspiration,
the future is our destination.

On this special anniversary year, Odile Quéré would like to express her gratitude to the customers, past, present and future, who have placed their trust in CATS Business Centers over the years. Their renewed trust and recognition energize and enhance the ongoing commitment of Odile Quéré and her staff.

In celebrating 30 years of excellence, CATS Business Center Monaco is resolutely looking to the future. Building on their experience and commitment to the Monegasque business community, they are ready to take on new challenges and remain committed to further supporting the growth and success of their customers.