A unique concept in Monaco

CATS has reinvented the business center by leveraging well-being to improve performance.

Feel the benefit of our Work & Care ethos, and revolutionise your work day!

Within our business centers, you can take time out in good company, unwind in our relaxation rooms and quench your thirst with pure, revitalised water treated by reverse osmosis.

CATS Business center in Monaco offers its clients an array of facilities to make every work day a real pleasure.


By becoming a CATS customer you automatically benefit from privileged access to our relaxing areas, dedicated to your well-being.

«Experience well-being…» Two spaces dedicated to well-being to allow you a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation between two meetings.

Forget the traditional coffee break: replace it with a moment of true relaxation, or even by a restorative 20 minute power nap.

Make yourself comfortable on a dune lounger, select your preferred programme and let it all go.

Are you a CATS client?

1 free guided relaxation session per week.


Dynamised reverse-osmosis water dispensers

Shower & locker access

Our team is at your service

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